25 New Routes

We are very happy to announce that the Trufi App now supports 25 new routes with 104 new connections!

These means we have now a total of 120 routes with 339 connections in and around Cochabamba!

Several users reported missing routes so we got busy in the last months adding routes from different sources.
We also analyzed our data for unsuccessfull searches which showed that a lot of people tried to find routes from a bit out of Cochabamba so we emphasized on this as well.

You can see the difference in the following two pictures.

In the first one you can see all our routes before the update marked in blue color.
The city of Cochambamba is covered quite good but we are missing routes to the Eastern part of the city centre.

After adding the new routes you can see the improvement with all the additional routes marked in red color
We are happy that we now can provide new routes not only within Cochabamba but also outside like the route 212 between Cochabamba and Sacaba which a lot of our users were missing.

With these new routes you can now travel from Quillacollo or El Paso in the West of Cochabamba all the way to Sacaba in the East and even to Catachilla Baja if you want to.

We want to say a big Thanks to Samuel and Luz and everyone else who supported us with collecting and improving the routes and uploading them to OpenStreetMap.
Another big Thanks goes to our backend team Malte and Christian who managed to adjust the data so we can provide the new routes now in the Trufi App for everybody.

Of course we are not ready with all availablae routes but we hope you are as excited as we are about the huge progress we made with providing all the new routes.

Use the app, test the routes and give us feedback via email, facebook or Instagram and of course please tell all your friends about the Trufi app. 🙂

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